St. Joseph‘s Favorite Vegan Restaurant

At Planet Sub St. Joseph, we respect the vegan lifestyle and recognize how difficult it can be to maintain a vegan diet — especially when you’re in a hurry.

That’s why our vegan restaurant makes a point to craft animal byproduct-free food that’s not only extremely tasty, but also incredibly convenient. Call (816) 273-0611 for pick-up or even order online — it’s that easy.

Our Vegan Restaurant Loves Your Lifestyle

Living vegan can be difficult, especially when too many establishments add questionable ingredients in their food and then claim to be a “vegan restaurant.”

There’s none of that going on at PSUB St. Joseph — the food marked vegan on our menu is 100% free of animal byproducts, including meat, dairy, and eggs. This includes our handmade from-scratch bread, since we recently revamped our recipe to eliminate margarine.* And even though not all of our food is okayed for vegan consumption, among St. Joseph‘s animal lovers, we’re still a top vegan restaurant.

And Our Vegan Food is Actually Good.

It all starts with our homemade vegan bread, which we make from scratch each day. With this as each sub’s foundation, we’ve considered how each ingredient interacts with the others — because cutting out animal byproducts doesn’t mean skimping on flavor. We’d never offer bland food like any other vegan restaurant.

From our signature tempeh BBQ to the classic veggie grinder, all our vegetarian subs can be made vegan with a simple command: “Hold the cheese, please.”And if you want a vegan restaurant with a bit more variety, we offer salads and romaine wraps, too.

Ready to check out our vegan restaurant? See our full menu, or order from Planet Sub St. Joseph at (816) 273-0611 online, or in person!

*Sorry, gluten-free vegans: at this time, our gluten-free bread still contains eggs.